Guitar Lesson on Imporv "Stella By Star Light"

Very Helpful guitar lesson  "Thril Is Gone" by BB King

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Here is a fast legato phrase from Billie's Bounce by the great Charlie Parker check the chromatic passing tones and the right hand picking.

Cool and not the traditional approach of tapping over Fmaj7.

Country lick on A7 chord Pay 

attention to the pedal steel

bends and the right hand picking

Here is a cool blues turnaround played in E7.But can and should be played in all Keys  

Guitar Lessons in Manhattan

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Guitar Lessons For Beginners Acoustic and Electric Guitar 

Udi Levy shows how to play "D Natural Blues" by Wes Montgomery

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Guitar demonstration : how to play Summer Song by Joe Satriani

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Udi Levy's tune "Would You"

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