Blues-the father of all western music.Here is a 12 bars blues in D7 with all the cliches and licks.It is not the traditional Blues ..a few chords are different based on "Blues Newburg" by Danny Gatton If you want to master Jazz ,Rock and even heavy metal ,learning the blues first will give you  the foundations you need.

"Get the funk out" by Extreme, cool band known by their big hit "More then words" in the 90's. Nuno Bettencourt is great rock and funk player listen to the great TAPPING technique in the middle of the solo ,he combines it with string skipping technique. Also listen to the ending of the song with the "5 notes group "approach.

Ye-Haaa!!!! Some country music folks...Albert Lee is a truly guitar virtuoso .listen to the banjo rolls,double-stops,arpeggios and bends.

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    All tunes were recorded in Udi Levy's guitar studio NYC

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    Some acoustic work for you guys "Georgia on my mind" The arrangement (with some of my own stuff here and there) are by John Scofield -great jazz guitar player, over here he combines blues jazz and folk in to a one amazing jazz tune. For your own good listen to All Of it -great chords, phrases and licks are there to find until the end.​

    Check out this cool standard "Stella By Starlight" This take is not the traditional improv ...More into fusion and Modern style but still you can find some jazz roots in it.
    shred shred and MORE SHRED!!!! if you like the sound of that you should check out Vinne Moore ,one of the greatest neo classical guitar player! check out the cool guitar harmony in the A section,and of course the the solo!