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Private Guitar Lessons

Udi Levy -  Instructor,  Composer,  Session Player

2.Here is a fun string skipping guitar exercise .It's based on the lovely Pentatonic Scale with the b5 some musicians calling it  the blues scale.

Try to use legato technic hammer on and pull off) for a smoother feel.

1.Here is a great private guitar lessons about how to  practice major scale positions or any other scale. This way you not only practice the positions on the guitar and how to cross between them fluently but also practice very basic rhythm patterns.Make sure you practice with a drum machine or a metronome, start with a slow BPM ​(Beats per minute) and climb from there. More free electric guitar lessons can be viewed in the youtube page

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3.In this guitar lesson we will try to spice up a Major scale practice by harmonizing each degree.The intervals we will use are the minor and the major 6th.Great to create nice lines in Country, Blues and Folk.Try to come up with some cool ideas using this method it is worth the practice.​